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Best Hand Tool Brands On The Market

What Are Hand Tools?

The best way to describe hand tools is to say that they are human-driven. Unlike power tools, you’ll need to engage your muscles to use some of the best hand tool brands. There are not only different users of hand tools but also several types of tools. What distinguishes one from another is the type of work you can use each of them for.

best hand tool brands

Also, within a specific type, you can get different variations. Most of these can be in terms of size. You may need various sizes for different purposes. The main challenge people face is trying to buy hand tools. Selecting the best hand tool brands to buy from can be a challenge, especially if you do not have prior experience in purchasing hand tools.

Before buying a specific brand of tools, you need to do thorough research on the quality they offer. You should sample a few brands then do a background check on each before you settle on the best. This article has some of the best hand tool brands, and if you need to find the one that will suit your needs, it’s worth reading to the end.

Elements Of The Best Hand Tool Brands

Everyone needs value for their money. You need the best tools to get convincing returns. Here are three things you may look out for in a brand before buying include:

  • Micro-level features. For a hand tool brand to qualify as the best, they must incorporate some elements into their products. Some of these features may seem small; they go a long way in ensuring the customer is satisfied. For example, if you are planning to buy a screwdriver, you’ll find some brands with good handles and others whose grip doesn’t feel comfortable. Such features are some of the things you need to look for in a brand.
  • Durability guarantee. Ever tried working with a broken or bent tool? Well, that may not have been a pleasant experience. There are different quality levels of material used in making hand tools. If, for instance, you get a tool that breaks easily, you may have had a hard time using it. As you research for the best hand tool brands, find out how durable their products are.
  • Good prices. The prices may vary from brand to brand. However, sometimes, the quality of the tools may be the same. For instance, one brand may be importing a tool that is similar to another that you can find locally. The imported tool will be more expensive than the locally available tool even though they are of the same quality. Who would pay more?
With all these aspects in mind, it is time to go down to analyzing the best brands in the market. Below are reviews of top brands, read on.

The Best Hand Tool Brands On The Market

In this section, you’ll read about the brands that have gained popularity in the industry. The list may not be in any order, but all these have quality tools. Read on to decide on the brand that meets your needs.


The Armstrong Company is among the finest in the hand tool business. Most people that have used tools from this brand have rated it highly. Therefore, you can presume that it is one of the best brands to buy from. Their level of success may have been as a result of the long period they have been operating.

Their tools are common in different industries. Most of these can be government, military, aerospace, and many more fields. Many professionals in need of hand tools have kept their trust in this brand. Most of what they manufacture are wrenches and socket sets. Therefore, if you are a worker in need of quality hand tools, Armstrong is a brand you should try.


best hand tool brands
It is one of the brands that offer quality products at relatively low prices. Most people relate cheap products with poor quality. However, from the user reviews, you can find online, Williams is one of the best hand tool brands in the market. They manufacture tools that you can use for different needs. What helps them to remain most users favorite is the durability of their products.

After operating in the industry since 1882, Williams has amassed a wealth of experience in making hand tools. Therefore, the quality, durability, and structure of their tools are unmatched. From big factories to small home users, many people have trusted it and always buy their tools from Williams.


Proto seems to have specialized in wrench and torque wrench manufacturing. They have been making the best wrenches in the market for many years. They make not only well built but also proper sizes of wrenches. If you haven’t yet tried them, you must do. Their torque wrenches come with a digital display that will make your user experience better.

Also, they have gained massive popularity from their screwdrivers. They are some of the most used products in various industries. Most of the common industries that you can find Proto products are mining, aerospace, and infrastructure industries. If you need a large tool to finish up a task, then proto is a brand to go for.

Martin Toolsbest hand tool brands

It is one of the most famous brands in the industry. They mainly focus on manufacturing repair tools. Many brands out there make tools that you can use for professional-grade. However, Martin’s tools focus on ensuring you can repair appliances and other things at home quickly. Their tools can be found in several countries since they expanded their services to outside the USA.

One of the most exciting things about Martins is that they have an excellent company policy. They want to make everything they can and make lots of it. You may have come across their tools in different fields, but many people like using them in the metalworking industry. Users say that Martin tools are the best to use in auto body repair and maintenance.

SK Hand Tool

One of the few brands that only specializes in hand tools is SK hand tools. Most of the other brands do more than hand tool manufacture. Also, it is one of the brands that have grown immensely in terms of quality. One of the most popular products in the market by SK hand tools are ratchets and sockets. Many users looking for such products will search for SK hand tools before they turn their focus to any other brand.

Most of the people that buy from this brand are mechanics. Also, accessory installers and van customizers are frequent customers of this brand. With a proven quality over the years, you won’t regret buying from SK hand tools.

Wright Tools

It is a familiar brand to manufacturers and big factories. They focus on making tools that are of the best quality. Besides, you can see the level of innovation they put in their tools. Although they make small tools, they can serve you well for various purposes like any other tool. Also, they look into making the best quality of tools.

Wright brands have been in the industry since 1927. Over the years, they have developed to be one of the most trusted hand tools brands on the market. However, their tools may not be in your local store; they only sell through specific distributors. If you need to buy from one of the best hand tool brands, Wright tools should top your list.

Wilde Tool

It may not be a household name, but Wilde tools are one of the best brands in the market. They are one of the few that sell under their brand. They focus on making tools such as key extractors, polished pliers, and gasket scrappers. Their design is unique from the rest of the brands, and also among the best models you can find.

Also, if the quality is your priority, Wilde tools won’t disappoint you. They have protective layers that prevent rusting and any other elements that may corrode your tools. Wilde tools also sell their tools in trusted stores. Therefore, you may not find them stocked in your local store.

Lang Tools

Another prominent manufacturer in the hand tools industry is the Lang tools. They make the best quality tools, especially if you need Wrenches with an excellent grip. Their Wrenches come with grips that look more like screwdriver grips and not wrench grips. That helps to make sure that you can hold the tools with some comfort.

Lang tools are popular in several industries. However, you can find them mostly in the auto mechanic industry. Many people that do repairs and also machinists are familiar with this brand. They are of good quality and can serve you well if you need a tool for home use.

Knipex Tools

Specializing in one product type is one of the best things to do in any industry. Knipex tools are among the few that do that in the hand tools industries. They mainly focus on making pliers. If you need a good pair of pliers that will make your work easier, then you should buy from this brand.

Since the 1950s, Knipex has been in the pliers manufacture business. Over the years of specializing, they have succeeded in making the best quality pliers. However, many people go for other brands due to the higher price that they may need to pay for Knipex products. It is important to note that Knipex products may cost you more because of their quality; it matches their pricing.


For many decades, DeWalt has been one of the best manufacturers of hand tools. Although they make both power and hand tools, their quality has been consistently good. One of the best DeWalt made hand tools you may ever use is a socket driver. It is 3/8 inches and can fit easily where other tools cannot fit.

Since 1923, DeWalt has been providing workers with hand tools assembled from different countries. It has since become among the best hand tool brands that people in the construction industry go for. The good thing about their tools is that you can access them in any part of the world.


Auto mechanics are some of the people who enjoy Tekton made tools. They manufacture socket sets that will help you finish your work efficiently, especially for people that change sparkplugs by themselves. Also, they are famous for making offset oxygen sensor sockets. These help you to avoid ruining your new sensor when you’re installing it.

For over 50 years, Tekton has provided quality tools to workers in various industries. They mainly focus on designing their tools to make work easy for auto repair and maintenance professionals. You can purchase their goods directly from their website or from trusted suppliers that stock them in their local stores.

Channellock Tools

It is another household name when it comes to hand tool manufacturers. First began in 1886 but rebranded to Channellock tools in 1963. They mainly manufacture adjustable tongue and groove pliers. You can easily adjust their pliers to a size that you desire. Most of the people that use their products are craftsmen and people that work from home.

Also, you can find Channellock products in industries and big factories. Although they focus on making adjustable pliers, you can also find the regular pliers and other specialty tools made by Channellock tools. You can buy these products online through their website or some hardware stores locally.

Final Verdict

In olden times, people used to make hand tools from rocks and wood. In modern times, technology has changed the hand tools manufacture industry. That has had a significant impact on the quality of hand tools in the market today. However, it is very easy to buy poor quality hand tools now if you do not take time researching the various brands in the industry.

This list can help you understand the best hand tool brands that you can invest in. After reading to this end, you can now make decisions that you won’t regret. Therefore, you can refer to the list always when you want to make a purchase decision.