Dremel VC60-01 Oscillating Tool Review

Dremel VC60-01 Oscillating Tool ReviewDremel VC60-01 Oscillating Tool Review puts the pedal to the metal by straddling the borderline between conventional and rough-cutting units such as reciprocating or circular saws. The well-oiled oscillatory multi-tool breezes through cutting, grinding, scraping, and grinding of materials.

It integrates an ultra-powerful 7.0 amp motor, inbuilt control foot, 5° of oscillation angle and a highly developed, proprietary drive mechanism. You can now take on protracted, high-precision cuts at a rate of knots with a variety of materials.

It’s engineered for the DIY homeowner or professional remodelers angling for a fast-cutting, dust-proof device. The state-of-the-art multi-tool reduces the sideways thrust, vibration, and inherent jerking while in use. Accordingly, the unit diminishes fatigue and improves operating accuracy.

Dremel VC60-01 Oscillating Tool Review – 5 Main Features

1. 9x Faster Hyper Speed

The newly-improved Dremel hyper and variable speed modes zap through stricter jobs with acuity and finesse. The high-speed multi-tool lets you work with attention to detail and hairsplitting accuracy thanks to the up-and-running motor.

Onboard attachments vibrate backward and forward at lightning-fast speeds improving ergonomic grip and safety than a jigsaw, reciprocating saw and circular saw. The speed dial allows you to select your desired motor velocities.

When paired with the most excellent accessory, the device will hack its way through virtually all building materials such as tiles, cement, fiberglass, laminate, drywall, and mortar. Go into action where other power tools dread to tread such as narrow portions, tight corners, and oblique angles.

2. Proprietary High-Torque System

A peak performance 7.0A motor churns out high-torque slicing through a variety of job applications for ultra-smooth cuts. Dremel Velocity VC60-01 incorporates an engine in sync with a patented drive to the mechanism to get some steam up where traditional multi-tools conk out.

The power tool utilizes the rotation of the motor to generate the necessary torque for jobsite applications such as drilling, driving fasteners, combing out materials, sanding, and the like. Its drive mechanism powered by the motor transforms rotational motion into oscillatory action.

The patented crank system rotates, reciprocates and imparts an orbital motion to the attachments. Proprietary control foot enhances operational stability and fast, accurate cuts in lengthened sheets and sizable cutouts.

3. Superior Blades

VC490 panel blade represents a newly developed bi-metal cutting attachment for creating long, straight rip cuts in drywall, cement-board, and plywood. It’s crafted to optimize cutting with the control foot. The blade nestles at the most excellent angle for improved speed of cut and scalpel-like precision.

VC494 Pipe and 2 x 4 Blade cutting accessories slice through the pipe or thick materials like 2 x 4 studs. You can hack PVC, copper or conduit cut-offs while the blade does not rage out of control.

It also allows you to whip through a 2 x 4in a single stroke. Oscillating the multiple blades will enable you to sail through a variety of projects.

4. 5° of Oscillation Angle

Try a different tack aggressively with the 5° oscillation angle at the touch of a button. The perfect angle and the counterweight offset the vibrations for a smooth operation. Extra-wide 5° oscillation angle with an advanced drive system renders a more rapid speed of cut.

It also provides a higher level of flexibility for a host of applications. Conventional machines susceptible to vibrations impair the ease of handling and cast a pall on your materials.

The compact profile not only reduces the quake but also eliminates the jerking action generated by the blades. Balanced cutting action improves accuracy for smooth cuts through a material with minimum fatigue.

5. All Bells & Whistles

The VC60-01 offers better versatility as it’s compatible with universal power-tool accessories to cut different materials like a hot knife through butter. Dremel Velocity whips through the broadest range of applications out-crowding conventional reciprocating and circular saws.

Attach a variety of accessories such as blades, sanding or grinding pad attachments completing different functions. For example, you can use the VC490 Panel Blade to make a plunge cut. Afterward, remove the blade and attach the MM70W Wood Sanding Paper for smoothening.

The multi-tool comes with VC490 Panel Blade, VC494 Pipe, and 2×4 Blade, MM450 Wood and Drywall Blade, MM14 Universal Hook and Loop Pad, MM70W Wood Sanding Sheets (3), MM70P Paint Sanding Sheets (3), and Tool Carry Bag.

Why Should You Use Dremel VC60-01 Oscillating Tool?

1. High-Torque 7.0A Motor

The Dremel Velocity VC60 integrates a revved up motor and the high-torque mechanism to breeze through multiple jobsite applications where traditional units run out of steam. The high-powered oscillating appliance delivers optimal results for any scraping, grout removal, sanding and suchlike.

2. 9x Faster Hyper-Speed

It’s designed to broaden your jobs horizons outclassing tools such as circular or reciprocating saws. Dremel’s revolutionary technology makes a breakthrough in remodeling, maintenance, and refurbishing. It’s ideal for sizable cutouts and straight cutting functions.

3. 5° Oscillation Angle

Extra-wide 5° angle of vacillation pairs with the high-torque mechanism to cut like a streak of lightning. This strategic position with counterweight balances off the unit to cut back vibrations and raging actions. It slices through without exerting fatigue or flying into a rage as you transit across a variety of materials.

4. The Whole Shooting Match

The Dremel Multi-Tool VC60 bands together the functions of traditional devices in one for better versatility. It’s compatible with virtually all universal attachments to zap through a variety of materials. It includes a new bi-metal cutting accessory, VC494 Pipe and 2 x 4 Blade, sanding paper, and pad.

5. Patented Control Foot

To cut on an even keel, the multi-tools patented control foot facilitates faster and more accurate cuts. It romps through longer sheet materials with sizable cutouts ranging across a variety of applications. It goes like stink.

Product Benefits
  • High-torque 7.0A motor and the proprietary drive mechanism for extra-large cutouts and consistent straight cuts
  • 9x faster hyper speed for the most demanding jobs to replace conventional machines
  • Patented control foot for stability, no bulky guards and perfect viewpoint
  • Compact footprint for ergonomic superiority and hard-to-reach areas
  • Hyper and accuracy speed modes for tougher jobs
  • A whole raft of accessory blades, sanding paper, and pad for cutting, scraping, grinding, grout removal and sanding
  • Dust-free process for spick and span surfaces
The Negative Things
  • Control foot not adjustable as it remains open or closed

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you use it to sand corners or confined areas?

Absolutely! Compact footprint punches through tight places at a perfect angle.

  1. What are the product dimensions?

Measures 16” x 7.5” x 5” and tips the scales at 4.45 lbs.

  1. Do you use the integrated wrench for tool changing?

Nope! Use the quick lock accessory changing system for a quick, easy job.

  1. Does the blade slip off of your work piece?

No, use VC494 Pipe and 2 x 4 Blade, it inhibits slippage.

  1. How does it perform on drywall kind of surfaces?

Bi-metal VC940 attachment renders consistent, smoother cuts.

Final Verdict

Dremel VC60-01 Oscillating Tool Review recommends a workhorse solution for DIY hobbyists or technicians who have a lot on their plate. Powered by a 7 amp motor, inbuilt control foot, 5 degrees of oscillation angle and a highly developed drive mechanism, the unit offers a revolutionary oscillator and rugged-cutting device.

Dremel allows you to go full steam ahead with your projects 9x faster than conventional multi-tools due to its proprietary high-torque mechanism.

The tool-less accessory change improves convenience and versatility making operations more enjoyable. Moreover, the product tops the charts for bridging the gap between standard oscillating tools and their rough-cutting counterparts.

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