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How To Use a Banding Tool?

Why Should You Use a Banding Tool?

Before you even get to the use of a banding tool, you must understand why you would also need to band something. The purpose of banding or strapping an item, as some may call it, is to hold something to a specific position. There are different material choices you can choose from i.e., steel or plastic banding tools. What should affect your choice is the size of the item you need to band.

Steel or Plastic? How to Make The Best Choice

There are several ways you can use these products. The most common way is when packaging goods that need to be shipped. For instance, if you need to ship low weight boxes, you may need to use plastic banding tools for packaging them. Besides, you can use plastic banding tools when you need to secure goods that you may need access to or those that you need to check on regularly.

However, if you need to ship bulky goods such as machinery or bulk products, plastic banding material may not be the best choice. Also, if you are transporting your goods in high stressed premises such s factories or industries, you may need stronger bands. Steel banding material is the ideal material for securing your heavy-duty goods to reduce loses.

Steel banding tools can be necessary for construction. Also, in street lighting and transporting of light poles, you can consider using steel banding tools. Metal banding tools are durable and offer additional strength to secure your goods. Steel banding tools are the best for outdoor strapping because they are also resistant to elements that may cause them to rust. Now you also need to know how to use metal and plastic banding tools.

So Why Is a Banding Tool Necessary?

Strapping small goods using a plastic band is an easy task. However, when it comes to using metal bands to secure huge items, you may find it difficult to fasten the band. That is why you need a banding tool to help you fix the bands on your goods. Without proper fastening, your products may fall off and cause injuries or even losses.

How To Use a Banding Tool

There are different types of banding tools from which you may choose. First, you may either choose from either tensioners or sealers. You can operate them manually. Therefore, they are suitable for banding small sizes of goods. If you need to secure small and heavy tools, you may choose to use sealers because they are useful in handling any size of the load.

Besides, you can also use a combination of items. They are also handheld but suitable for securing bigger goods. Essentially, they combine both sealers and tensioners. Other features may include crimping the edges. Also, you can cut to the desired length using a combination of tensioners and sealers.

When choosing whether to use steel or plastic bands, the size of the goods you want to secure should inform your decision. For instance, banding bulky goods using plastic bands may not be feasible. Ensure you use the appropriate banding material according to the type of goods you need to use. Banding tools are essential when using steel bands.

How To Use a Metal Banding Tool

Stainless steel banding tools can be essential in several fields. Their performance, whenever you use them, is an important thing. Metalling banding tools are durable and practical when handling heavy and large goods. What you need to consider first is the type of whether standard or safe edging. In case you foresee the risk of coming into contact with the goods, you should consider using a safe edge.

Next, you need to ensure the use of the buckle to secure the goods. You can also choose to use the wing seal to keep the banding in its place. Although they both work similarly, your choice of the product to use depends on your preference or ability to purchase. The most important thing is to ensure that the goods you are transporting are kept secure.

When using a metallic banding tool, there is a simple step by step process you should use to make sure the band works well. Here is the guideline on how to use a metal banding tool effectively.

  • You need to cut the banding to an appropriate circumference and make sure you allow extra space and also make it thread through the wing seal and fold it on itself.
  • You then should loop the banding around the goods that you are securing.
  • Feed back the other end of the banding to the original wing seal and increase the tension to ensure you fasten it properly.
  • Finish up by tapping down the wings of the band by the use of a hammer. That will ensure the banding does not get off for a long time.

Once you follow the above process, you can be confident the items will remain secure for a long time. Also, you can use springs to make sure movement is possible, especially when there is cladding expansion. When you need to remove the banding, the best way is to cut it off. That shows how strong the material can hold the items.

How To Use a Plastic Banding Tool

When using a plastic banding tool, there are different ways you can do it. Also, there are two essential tools that you may need for plastic banding. First, you need a sealer, and secondly, you need a tensioner. You can get these tools in your desired model, heavy or standard. For people who use them more often and for bulk items, the heavy-duty is the ideal choice.

How to use a banding tool

A tensioner is essential for tightening the band or merely increasing the tension as its name hints. You can tighten the items to your desired tension then apply a seal to it. The tensioner is also vital because it is designed to help you cut the extra strap once you have used the seal. Without a tensioner, your bands may seem loose, and that may affect the safety of the items.

A sealer is another vital tool used for plastic banding. You can also refer to it as a crimper, and you can use it to crimp the seals and ensure they stick to a position. Plastic made seals come in different sizes, and you ought to use the size that is appropriate to the good you are securing. A sealer is also useful in enhancing the safety of your items. These can help you on how to use a plastic banding tool.

Final Verdict – Wrap Up

Banding is significant for the safety of items, especially when shipping. Before you choose the material to use, you should consider the type and size of items you need to strap. Once you settle on the material and, depending on what items you’re strapping, a clamping tool may be necessary.

Clamping tools make the strapping process more straightforward, especially when there is a large item to strap. They are also essential to help you fasten the items appropriately and avoid injury or losses. This article should not only help you understand why you need a banding tool but also how you should use it.